Basics of digital marketing in the web design & development, eCommerce & the market places like Amazon

About the author

Dr. Hitesh Sharma is the director and co founder of Digitize Software Pvt. Ltd. and has 16 years of experience of IT sector which includes 6 years in BCA & MCA and 10 years of work experience with clientele all over the globe.

Being a software or web design and development company the main focus remains on the creation part and the marketing part remains unnoticed. But what good, a software or website is if you cannot market it and drive traffic and sales.

I remember an incident from early days of my software programming where I was working in a reputed software company and a truck driver from California, US had approached the company for getting a website created like freelancer. He and his daughter both used to drive the trucks for their living and were saving this money for their entrepreneurial endeavor. They invested all their savings in their dream project thinking that they would be financially independent after this website venture. Unfortunately this didn’t happen. The software company did create the website for them but they couldn’t market that and all the savings of their life was in vain.

This incident made me think about the marketing part and when I started Digitize Software Pvt. Ltd., I promised to myself that I would not let this happen to my clients. I would not let their hard earned money go into vain. With the right intentions we get the right path and I got a very good team in this journey and achieved results for my clients. We didn’t only create their websites and softwares but we also took the front with the marketing support whenever asked by our clients.

When we grasped the basics of marketing then it was easy to apply those basics into any area of digital marketing. We just didn’t do well with the websites but also did well with other eCommerce market places like Amazon and eBay. Numbers say it all and here is a sales snapshot of an Amazon US store “Bless Jewels” we own:-


Sales Snapshot

Hope you got some motivation by reading this and will start considering sales & marketing part more important than the creation part. I would be helping you guys with my blog and would be sharing my experience.

To your success
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Digitize Software Pvt. Ltd.




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