Selecting the right software company for your work

About the author

Dr. Hitesh Sharma is the director and co founder of Digitize Software Pvt. Ltd. and has 16 years of experience of IT sector which includes 6 years in BCA & MCA and 10 years of work experience with clientele all over the globe. He has also worked with very successful UK wool knitwear eCommerce company Wool Overs for 8 years and is creator of all their websites.
You are living in the info era and equipping your business with the digital tools is not a choice anymore and is a compulsion. If you won’t do that you’ll get behind the competition.
Selecting a right software company/Freelancer brings a lot of headache. Doesn’t it? And who have dealt with this could find the following familiar:-

…Communication issues with non-native English speakers?
… Sloppy work that’s full of spelling issues and other obvious errors?
…Missed deadlines?
…Developers raising the price midway through the project?
…Poor design aesthetics and misinterpreted visions?
…People failing to deliver?

To find a reliable source few points which can help you get things done in a smoother way-

• Get your requirements clear:- If you have to spend an extra week or even two to get your requirements clear and all documented then do that. The time spent before starting a work saves x5 time to finish the work. So get ready what exactly you want before you start searching the software agency.

• See the track record:- When you have shortlisted the software agencies then ask for the reference of their previous work and drop an email to the reference enquiring about their professionalism and dedication

• Get the basic structure:- Get the basic structure of software program or website from the agency to understand the flow and discuss the things so both the parties are clear what is the end result.

• Look for quality rather than money: – Good resources are not cheap resources. You can either have quality or low budget. So pay fair money to the quality resources and get the quality work done.

Following these simple rules I am sure you can get your requirement completed in a smoother way.

To your success
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Digitize Software Pvt. Ltd.

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