How to Choose the Best Web Design Firm?

About the author

Dr. Hitesh Sharma is a technology expert having 16 years of experience. He owns a software company “Digitize Software Pvt. Ltd. ” and few ecommerce businesses in the USA, Canada & Europe including a tapestry ecommerce portal for US- Bless eStore. He is also an author and has written the book 12 Secrets To Retire Young, Healthy, Wealthy & Happy”.

If you have run an online search on Web Designing firms, I am sure you would have found many. However, not all of them may be good. When you want a website for your business you would want only the best web design firm that can understand y our requirements and give you exactly what you need, without making a big hole in your pocket.
website designDoing your homework well is of extreme importance while choosing a web design firm to design the website for your business. Building one yourself may not be feasible as it would take a lot of time and efforts, without giving you a professional outcome. Here are a few things that can help you decide on the best web design firm:

Experience of the firm

Here, not only do you have to focus on the number of websites the firm has designed but also on the kind of websites they have designed. Make sure they have the relevant industry experience. See what content management systems they use.

Portfolio for review

A good web design firm will always have an impressive website with an excellent portfolio of the kind of web sites they have developed for their clients. You can go through such portfolios and get in touch with the firm only if you like what you see. If a particular style appeals to you, you can tell the firm to do up a similar design for you.

Client References

If you have selected a good web design firm, they might give you a few customer references you’re your request. You can get in touch with these clients and find out what kind of experience they have had while working with this web design company. You can also ask relevant questions like how long it took for the website to be finished, how much did they end up paying and how satisfied they are with the design.


Of course money does play a huge role when selecting a good web design firm. Make sure all the costs are included in the pricing so that you don’t face any unwanted surprises at the end. Find out when and how you will have to make the payment so that you can arrange for the funds accordingly.

SEO experience

Many web design firms today also offer Search Engine Optimization as a package deal. This will save you a lot of money. Find out how much experience the web design firm has in SEO. Web Design and SEO are co-related and a good web design firm will be aware of this fact.

Social Media Marketing

The only way to connect with your customers at a personal level is through social media. A good web design firm will know what are the things that are to be kept in mind while setting up a Facebook Fan Page and customizing a Twitter Profile. The firm should also make sure your social media pages are aligned with and complement your web site.

Good web design firms are often difficult to find as they get hired by bigger clients. They are often overloaded with work and may not have the time to promote themselves. Therefore, it becomes even more important to do your research thoroughly while selecting a good web design firm.


To your success!
Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Digitize Software Pvt. Ltd. & Bless International Exports

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