How to turn an idea into a successful eCommerce website

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Dr. Hitesh Sharma is an expert of ecommerce and has worked for 8 years on Wool Overs websites. Wool Overs websites are live in UK, US and 7 other countries and have almost 1.5 million customers.

You all see the success of Amazon, eBay & etsy. You buy yourself so many things online and you always had an idea to start an online business sometime. But now you find that every idea you had thought of has already been implemented. Now you think that you cannot work on your idea anymore as somebody has already started the idea and there is no uniqueness left with your idea.

Here are 3 secretes to turn your ideas into successful ecommerce website.

  1. Make an action plan: – An idea has no value if that’s not implemented on ground. You might have a million dollar idea but without implementation the idea has zero value. Also remember that ideas are in the air. If you are not working on your idea then somebody is. So create an action plan and start working on it right now!


  1. Leave the monopoly mentality:- Most of the people think about the uniqueness of idea and have the monopoly mentality. As a business person this is not good. If there is competition then there is money. If other people are earning with some niche then you can also do the same. Remember facebook started after orkut and went to be a market leader.
     I remember an incident I read about the famous digital marketer Anik Singhal. Back in 2003 when he started his digital marketing business then he created a unique digital course to help the students with their examinations and he was the only one who had created such a product so no competition for him. So it was like monopoly for him in that niche. You know he couldn’t sell a single product. Why? Because the target audience was the students who couldn’t afford to buy a 39$ product and that was the reason that nobody else had created a product for that niche. So competition is good. If there is competition in a niche, means there is money.


  1. Hire the experts:- When you have made the action plan and have selected a niche then the next step is to hire the expert. Hire an expert team who has tons of experience with ecommerce and not only they can create the ecommerce website for you but can also help you with the most important part- the traffic and sales. Don’t look for the cheap resources as in the long term they would prove costlier.


Hope reading this you’ll start working on your idea and turn that into a successful business. I would be always available for your help.


To your success

Dr. Hitesh Sharma
Digitize Software Pvt. Ltd.